Pelvic floor- Sound boring? Oh, it isn’t!

Why is a strong pelvic floor so important?

Whilst pregnant a few years ago I learnt a lot about my body and what the experience does to it along the way. One area I tried focusing on was to enhance my pelvic floor muscles with kegal exercises. By doing these you ensure a smoother ride pre and post labour, in particular to help prevent urinary stress incontinence – which affects up to 70% of women during or after childbirth. A healthy pelvic floor can also speed up the healing after a possible tear during childbirth, anal incontinence and keeping haemorrhoids at bay – do I need to go on!?

Having become a self educated expert in the adult toy industry over the last few years I’ve also learnt the importance of these exercises whether you’re pregnant or not, simply because they can enhance your own pleasure. The kegal exercises are noted to improve the muscle tone of your vagina which leads to more enjoyable sex. Plus, and this is the good bit, having good strong pelvic floor muscles leads to longer lasting, more intense and easier to reach orgasms.

How do you find your pelvic floor muscles?

Now I hope you’re sitting comfortably…. if you can imagine the motion of squeezing your muscles as if you were stopping yourself mid flow whilst urinating then you have the right muscles. Another way to test is to insert your finger, about an inch into your vagina, and then tighten the muscles. If you feel a tightening and slight draw up motion around your finger then you’ve got it.

What exercises should I try?

Once you’re confident that you found the right muscles you can then start your exercise routine, here are a few to get you started:

Tighten and relax – as simple as that, just squeeze, hold for a few seconds, and release then repeat this 20 times.

Slow and steady – as above but when you squeeze try and hold for longer, 5-10 seconds, then relax and repeat 20 times.  Work up from 5 seconds to doing 10 seconds, you’ll be amazed at how quickly your muscles will strengthen over time.

Dual exercise – squeeze your pelvic floor and once engaged then pull your stomach in, like you’re pulling your belly button into your spine, hold this combined exercise for 5 seconds then release and repeat 10-20 times.

During all exercises remember to breath, don’t hold your breath. Breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. Like most exercise it’s important do do these regularly, we recommend twice daily. You should be able to do them anywhere, at home, whilst in the car, on the bus or at work. Believe me, you’ll feel the results in no time!

An alternative method to the exercises is to use vaginal beads to help strengthen the muscles groups (although not advised during pregnancy). The ball(s) act as a weights system and are inserted into the vagina and held in place by the pelvic floor. For more information on these please visit: Balls & Beads

With that I will leave you to your workout!

Enjoy and please do drop us a note if you have any questions,

The girls


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