With so many options to choose from it’s a very tough job trying to select the right adult toy. So where do you start?  We’ve come up with some key things to consider before you embark on your next purchase.

What type of orgasm do you have?

This is fundamental to your purchase.  If you don’t know your own body and how you orgasm then you could easily make the wrong decision. 
There are different types of orgasms, something we’ll cover in more detail in a different blog, but they generally split into 2 main key areas – externally, on the vulva, in particular the clitoris, or internally, inside the vagina.  Make sure the toy services your needs correctly.

Our pick for clitoral orgasms are the Svakom Echo and the Satisfyer Pro 2

Our pick for a vaginal orgasm is the Mystery Vibe Crescendo

What material is the sex toy made from?

Please ensure your sex toy is made from body safe materials.  Fundamentally they need to be phthalates free.  Phthalates are a chemical used to make plastics bendy (think shower curtain or lino floors).  It is linked to all sorts of nasty’s if used internally but still currently unregulated in the manufacturing of sex toys! Silicone is the safest option and feels amazing to the touch.  Remember to only use water-based lubrication’s with your toys – anything else will damage the products surface making it unusable.

Our pick for smoothest silicone product would be the Tenga Iroha Yuki

Is the toy powerful?

With technology playing such a huge part these days in our everyday lives, it’s good to see this in the adult toy market too.  Try to avoid battery operated if you can as they won’t be as powerful.  Most toys will now be rechargeable, just like your phone, with the variations of mode, speed and vibration offering endless pleasure.

Remote Control – some awesome toys have enhanced enjoyment for couples play by developing a small remote control. This enables the toy to be worn by one and controlled by the other within a certain radius, great for meeting at a bar or sat in a restaurant, enjoying more than the entrée!

Our favourite remote product is the Svakom Elva 

App friendly – It’s pretty amazing, but of no surprise, that many toys are developing an app friendly control function making the simple pleasures of pleasing your partner a possibility from anywhere in the world!

Our pick for the coolest toy to control from your phone is the WE-VIBE VERGE

Check the size.

The size is tricky to assess when looking online but it’s always good to check the product features page to see exactly how big, or small the sex toy is.

What does it look like!

Sounds funny but aesthetics is important these days.  Gone are the days when we’d buy a huge ghastly toy with rubber and beads and colours coming at us from all sorts of angles!  Sex toys have come a long way now with many of them designed to look elegant and luxurious.

Our favourites by design would be….. the Svakom EchoSvakom Alice and Lelo Isla


For more on adult toys please read our 5 best vibrators for women https://www.butterflyb.com.au/5-best-vibrators-women/

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