5 of the best vibrators for women

It can be a difficult process for many looking for their next, or first, vibrator.  It’s not just the shape, style and colour of the product we look at but now it’s all about the technology which sits behind them – it’s not just a couple of AA batteries anymore.

With so many options on the market we thought we’d give you a quick rundown of 5 of the most popular tried and tested toys out there at the moment.

Svakom Siime Eye

High Level: This product is pretty cool, expecially if you want to take a closer look at your genitals without breaking your back to have a peek!  It’s a vibrator with a high definition video lens in the end.  Both pictures and video can be transmitted wirelessly to any device for sharing as long as you have the App set up.  The fun bit is the 6 vibration modes including the SVAKOM Intelligent Mode, which simulates vibration frequency during the whole process of sex from beginning to orgasm.

Verdict: It does depend how up close and personal you’d like to get with your vagina but it’s still good fun and a great high quality product.

Waterproof: 100%

Power: USB charging

Price: $269.95

Fun Factory Miss Bi

High Level: With so many rabbit style vibrators at the moment it’s hard not to take a closer look at Miss Bi.  This one combines clitoral stimulation with vibes directly on the inside targeting the G-spot.  For those who like something a little larger, in girth, will enjoy this one even more – Fun Factory have done their homework to develop a toy flexible enough to tune into the female anatomy.

Verdict: It’s not for everyone due to its size, some prefer their sex toys a little smaller, but it’s a good dual vibrator

Waterproof: 100%

Power: Rechargeable

Price: $189.95

Satisfyer Pro 2

High Level: This is a new and very much talked about product with new clitoris focused technology claiming to obtain clitoral orgasm in less than a minute.  Not directly a vibrator to be using internally, this toy can still deliver a great orgasm.  The toy has a tiny soft suction cup on one end which sits over the clit.  This then provides a gentle suction and rhythm which is very similar to receiving oral sex, but without actually touching the clit directly. It’s fully waterproof so with recent research suggesting over 90% of couples are having sexual liaisons in the bath or shower it’s about time there were toys to support this.

Verdict: This is a much talked about product with women claiming they are able to ‘come’ in a matter of seconds – it really is a very clever little toy.

Waterproof: 100%

Power: USB charging

Price: $129.95

Svakom Amy

High Level: This is one of the new kids on the block and one to rival Lelo’s Gigi.  It’s a great massager so can be used for external clitoral use but then inserted for focused G-Spot stimulation.  As well as the 6 vibration modes Amy also comes (no pun intended) with the Svakom Intelligent Mode, which, with a touch of a button, will take you on a journey replicating lovemaking, from foreplay to climax.

Verdict: This is a great toy for targeting your G-Spot, or at least practicing.  If you’re an external orgasmer, ie you need clitoral stimulation, then just use it on the outside and then dabble when you fancy it.

Waterproof: 100%

Power: Rechargeable

Price: $119.95

Smart sex toy: Crescendo

High Level: This is like the mystery toy, it’s designed to work with any type of female anatomy type by bending into a favourite shape whilst the vibration element can be finely customized by it’s 6 motors.  The added bonus with this one is it comes with an app which allows users to control each motor individually, remembering certain behaviours and responding to mood-setting music. You can also download new ones too.

Verdict: You might be spoilt for choice with this one, they’ve created the complete pleasure experience, the question is does it work for you.

Waterproof: Water resistant (meaning it’ll work in the shower but not the bath)

Power: Rechargeable

Price: $209.95

Our final verdict

As I always say to girls, this depends very much on how and where, in the anatomy, you orgasm.  So for full clitoris stimulation you can’t move past the Satisfyer Pro 2 without giving it a go, especially at that price point.  For internal enjoyment we like the Svakom Amy and Fun Factory Miss Bi.

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