5 Sexy New Year’s Resolutions

Still looking for some inspiration for your New Year’s resolutions?

How about something a little more fun than losing weight, starting that exercise regime you’ve always talked about or saving money.  Those are top of the list for most people once the new year chimes are heard, so why not try something a little different?

The following list of resolutions will compliment all of the above but put a smile on your face at the same time.  Remember the more you do these things the better you’ll feel – we promise.

1. Self pleasure – instead of the gym, why not take time out to pleasure yourself more?  You’ll feel so much better for it; you burn calories and release endorphins putting a smile on your face. You can do it on your own or with a partner, either way it’s surely more fun than the gym!

If you’re not already pleasuring yourself regularly then make a start – you’re missing out.  For those who already do, try something new, a different stroke, new position or using a sex toy – it’s so much fun and the end result is always so satisfying.

2. Save money by spending a night in with your partner for some love making, whether it’s cooking dinner together, a sensual massage or some rampant sex, why not try all three and see where that gets you?

3. Book a date night with a partner or someone new and do it on a regular basis.  Spending one on one time with someone helps with bonding which leads to a happier experience.  It doesn’t have to cost money, you can go for a walk, a bike ride or simply enjoy breakfast in bed.

Make sure you go with the flow a bit more too, if you haven’t booked a date night then take the initiative to be spontaneous – if you live with a partner then why not surprise them with a quick kinky session under the sheets before work, they won’t complain.

4. Spice things up by incorporating an adult toy into pleasure play.  Either on your own or with your partner, you can’t fail to enjoy the new addition to the bedroom.  Boys and girls shouldn’t feel intimidated; they can be just as fun for both sexes so why not experiment.

5. Fulfil his or her fantasies – have you ever discussed what these are?  Why not sit down and talk through them and have a go at playing them out?  Stick within your boundaries but dare to be different.  It could be more fun than you realise.

Have fun trying!

Make love,

The girls


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