Love yourself!

Self pleasure isn’t anything to be ashamed about (believe it or not, some people still are!), in fact it’s a healthy and very important step towards understanding your body, and the single most important step to take when trying to achieve orgasm. If we don’t know what makes ourselves feel good no one else can do it for us.

Many women believe it’s their partner’s responsibility to figure out how to please them but how could they if we don’t even know it ourselves? Most men would admit to learning about sex from watching and looking at pornographic material which is mostly based around fantasy situations. Practically we would say: Find out what turns you on, then communicate it to your partner!

Experimenting is key to the learning process, it’s a lifelong process in learning about sex and what makes you feel good. If you haven’t been fortunate enough to have an orgasm or you’re looking to try something new then try one of the BB personal massagers or BB vibrators as little helpers for your date with yourself.

Enjoy and make love,

The girls

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