6 Reasons why orgasms are good for you

Thanks captain obvious, you might think: of course orgasms are good! We all know that an orgasm is one of the most enjoyable forms of pleasure there are, but are we having them? And if we do, are we having as many as we could have?

There is no right or wrong quantity of how many you should be having of course but it is important for a woman to own her orgasm – to take responsibility for when you want it and how.

Here are 6 additional reasons why you shouldn’t live a life without them.

  1. It’s visible! Estrogen (known for promoting soft skin and shiny hair) levels are doubled in the body during sexual play– the most cost effective beauty treatment.
  2. Reduces stress – The brain releases endorphins which are known to decrease stress levels and induce a state of euphoria (intense feelings of well-being, elation, excitement, and joy) – Get high on love!
  3. Promotes the body’s production of germ fighting antibodies – The immune system is spurred on by the antibody ‘immunoglobulin A’. It is increased by 30% if you are enjoying sexual pleasure 1-2 times a week
  4. Strengthens your pelvic floor – During an orgasm the pelvic floor muscles contract up to 15 times at around 1 second internals. This will improve your pelvic floor strength and tone other muscles in your body to improve sexual stamina, which means for us girls: longer lasting, easier to reach orgasms.
  5. Tone up – On average you burn up to 100 calories when you orgasm.  If you orgasm at the end of a 30 minute lovemaking session you can burn as many as 200 calories, that’s the same as running 15 minutes on a treadmill – I know which exercise regime I prefer.
  6. Natural pain relief – Just before you experience an orgasm, the levels of hormone oxytocin rise by 5 times which cause a huge release of endorphins.  This makes for pain relieve up to 10 times more effective than typical painkillers.


Admittedly, sex and intimacy shouldn’t be about treating migraines and replacing your workout, but there is no reason not to enjoy the side effects. So start exploring and reclaim your orgasms!

Make love,

The girls


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