Versatile, elegant rabbit vibrator for multi-level pleasure.

The rabbit – redefined. With five vibration and seven pulsation patterns from each ear and the shaft, the soft and perfectly contoured Fifi offers simultaneous G-spot and clitoral stimulation – for the ultimate in sensory indulgence.

Fifi is perfect for simultaneous clitoral stimulation and deeper exploration, taking you from gentle arousal to an enhanced climax. Try gently using on your clitoris with Fifi’s ears (Fifi’s shaft looking down), before exploring further. Fifi’s ears hug your clitoris and stimulate the 8000 nerves ending. You can move the ears to explore direct or indirect clitoral stimulation, or rotate the toy from side to side to enjoy vibration from the ears across the entire labial area. Also you can use Fifi’s bulbous end to stimulate your G-spot and reach deeper vaginal pleasure points.




  • Multi speed: 5 speeds and 7 patterns
  • Quiet
  • Bodysafe materials
  • Waterproof
  • Rechargable


Fuchsia, Lilac, Purple


25mm x 165mm


To keep your toy hygienically clean, use lukewarm water and mild soap before initial use and before and after every use


For comfort and ease when using your toy all you will need is a drop of lubricant which you can find in our liquids and lubes section

Product Features

Multi speed, Quiet, Rechargable, Waterproof


Body safe material


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